"Hello, my name is Duncan Robertson, and I have a passion for delivering practical solutions that will work for you wherever you are right now.

Drawing from lived experience where I suffered with anxiety from a young age, I discovered hypnotherapy in my late 20's. This helped so I developed an interest in hypnosis and how it could be used creatively. In my 30's I completed a diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and practiced for a spell in London UK before moving to Auckland New Zealand to raise a family.

Now, in my 50's after re training in professional hypnotherapy in NZ following a long spell in corporate, internet, and telecoms, my passion and focus is on providing personalized, affordable, and effective hypnosis and hypnocoaching for people who have suffered long enough.

Wayforwards hypnosis provides a practical service to help you manage better in life.

Sessions are 60-90 mins Online or 1 - 3 hours in person in Auckland NZ with a 100% client focus that is personalized and absolutely not generic. A special focus is stress management and making very sure that clients gain access to effective countermeasures, tools, and techniques that are healthy, as well as access to beliefs that support their long term well being.

Hypnosis is a well recognized approach to anxiety and stress management. Hypnosis is a highly effective and natural strategy to manage chronic pain. Hypnosis is highly successful for stopping smoking and other maladaptive coping mechanisms. Hypnosis is something that everybody can benefit from.

Duncan Robertson has 20 years of experience applying hypnosis and NLP in business and private practice. Specializing in managing anxieties, undoing fears, phobias, and freezes. Online hypnosis works wherever you have a stable internet connection and are situated in a quiet place away from disturbance or interruption.

Duncan holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (Institute of Clinical Hypnosis London UK) as well as a recent certificate in professional hypnotherapy from the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy he also has NLP master practitioner (SNLP) training.

Duncan is approachable, non judgmental and client focused. He has a special interest in working with anxieties, especially difficulties relating to past trauma in relation to neurodevelopmental conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD] and Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD] and AuDHD in adults.

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