The truth about Lifestyle

To make your way forwards the way you want to go may require a change of lifestyle and a change of lifestyle is no small thing. To actually do it, to really do it and to make it stick might not be possible without some empowerment first. Have a look at the following questions and give them a chance to percolate a little before you decide about your best way forwards :

Do you currently imagine yourself more as empowered or more as a slave to impulse, to routine, to repetitive thoughts, feelings and emotions or the repeated avoidance of certain situations ?

What are you like in the morning these days ?

How do you sleep at night ? - (If you have trouble sleeping, what keeps you awake ?)

What are your relationships like with certain people, places, things and events ?

How do you imagine the future, if in fact you do, and what value do you assign to that process ?

Who do you listen to and why ?

What do you default to when you have a bad day and the stress hits you hard ?

Do you structure your day or do you go with the flow - does the day happen to you ?

How long has this been going on ?

Do you consider yourself to be effective where you need to be - honestly ?

Are you motivated to make a change ?

Where does empowerment fit in ?

Unless you feel empowered, unless you are empowered, unless you become empowered then a lifestyle change and maintaining that new lifestyle might be a big leap. Maybe leap further than you are capable of right now given the current restraints in your life.

Becoming empowered to find the key, to change or modify an entire lifestyle for even one person is a big thing…and if there’s family involved then it’s another thing altogether.

So how do you begin to find your best way forwards ?